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Iskandr – Euprosopon

Iskandr now returns with its second full-length album entitled “Eurposopon”. The album’s title expresses the impossibility of the ideal man. However, formulating new concepts of heroism is necessary to preserve ideas of strife and longing in an age of eternal devaluation. The record departs from previous works in it’s more pronounced songwriting, confrontational attitude, and triumphant regal flourishes. Euprosopon aims to evoke heroic medieval symbolism while taking musical cues mainly from Norwegian classics such as Enslaved’s “Eld”, the “Dark Sorcery EP” by Aeternus and “…Again Shall Be” by Hades, to enrich it’s already established style and sound.

  1. Vlakte
  2. Regnum
  3. Verban
  4. Heriwalt



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