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Iskald – Innhøstinga

Now they finally return to the battlefield with more fierce and power than ever before. It’s time to harvest all your crops and embark towards the oncoming storm which unfolds with ‘Innhøstinga’. Iskald continues their art of cold, intense, yet melodic black metal. At the same time, their complexity and genius in the songwriting shine on even more that before. A new producer was brought along to make the album sound the way they intended. ‘Innhøstinga’ (Norwegian: ‘the Harvest’) might be their most complex album to date, containing nine songs divided into 50 minutes of playtime. The songs are diverse and different in their own way, while the lyrics bind them together as a whole. This is their second album with a Norwegian title, in which half of the lyrics are sung on their mother-tongue. ‘Lysene som Forsvant’ might just be their most melancholy epos to date, telling the story about those they have lost on their way.

1. The Atrocious Horror
2. No Amen
3. Offer Av Livet
4. Even Dawn Drew Twilight
5. Resting… Not In Peace
6. De Siste Vintre
7. From Traitor To Beast
8. Lysene Som Forsvant
9. Innhøstinga


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