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Intestinal Disgorge – Sociopath

For many years they got their untouchable status in the underground, on this recording they leave the porn business for a while and set the thematic onSoCiopAThic mass-murder arts. 40 new tracks of aggressive grindcore, 4 sickos on the vocals with more than 10 diffrent growls, screams, gurglings, shouts, whatever. Sick and Twisted!!

Track List:

  1. I’m Wearing Your Panties
  2. Abducted
  3. Gruesome Violent Fantasies
  4. Pedophile
  5. Stupid Fucking Whore Bitch
  6. Unbearable Odors
  7. Fuck Slave
  8. Decapitated Hooker Corpse
  9. Sizzling Bitch Flesh
  10. Waiting In Your Apartment
  11. Yellowed Skeletal Remains
  12. Inseminated
  13. Naked Headless Corpse
  14. Pervert
  15. Swallowing Semen-Soaked Shit
  16. Stabwounds
  17. Blindfolded, Beaten, And Starved
  18. Battered And Butchered
  19. Don’t Fucking Talk To Me Whore
  20. An Absurd Interlude
  21. Uncontrollable Urges
  22. Follow You Home
  23. Worthless Piece Of Shit Bitch
  24. Bloated With Post-Mortal Vapors
  25. Unstable
  26. Sawing Meat From Her Bones
  27. A Champagne Flute Full of Piss
  28. Erotophonophilia
  29. Unsettling Thoughts
  30. Criminally Insane
  31. Divorce Me Bitch
  32. I See You Whore
  33. Strangled And Hacked To Pieces
  34. Fucking Her Putrefied Corpse
  35. Soaked With Blood And Urine
  36. Putrid Worm-Eaten Viscera
  37. Indecent Exposure
  38. I’m Going To Kidnap You Bitch
  39. Masturbating In The Darkness
  40. Sociopath


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