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Inquisition – Veneration of Medieval Mysticism and Cosmological Violence

Cult Black Metal. 9th studio album of INQUISITION.

Produced by Alejandro Corredor and INQUISITION. Recorded at Robert Lang Studios in Shoreline, Washington between December 3 and December 11, 2022. Mixed and mastered by Alejandro Corredor at AC Studios in Los Angeles, California between January and February 2023. Artwork by Vincent Fouquet – Above Chaos.

CD Box Set: Limited to 2000 copies BOX CD. Includes digipak CD, laser-cut patch and key-ring. 

1. Witchcraft Within a Gothic Tomb
2. Crown of Light and Constellations
3. A Hidden Ceremony of Blood and Flesh
4. Force of Death is the Force of Life
5. Memories Within an Empty Castle in Ruins
6. Primordial Philosophy and Pure Spirit
7. Infinity is the Aeon of Satan
8. Pathway of Light is a Pathway to Fire
9. Light of My Dark Essence
10. Secrets from the Wizard Forest of Forbidden Knowledge
11. Sorcery Through Crystal Eyes in Search of the Devil
12. Veneration of Medieval Mysticism and Cosmological Violence
13. Lord of Absolute Darkness and Infinite Light