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Infirmary / Aetherium Mors – Split

A split Ecopack CD released by Eihwaz Recordings (US). Features the ‘Entrails Of The Soul’ EP by Aetherium Mors, along with ‘Suffering For Eternity’ EP by Virginia USA band Infirmary, featuring members of Nechochwen and Obsequiae. 8 tracks of brutal yet melodic Death and Black Metal, with Infirmary playing groove tinged death metal ala Six Feet Under and Autopsy and Aetherium Mors destroying with their brand of vicious occult black metal!

Track List:

  1. Infirmary – Forced Into The Flames
  2. Infirmary – Beyond The Door
  3. Infirmary – Senility & Decrepitude
  4. Infirmary – Destruction Divine
  5. Aetherium Mors – Entrails Of The Soul
  6. Aetherium Mors – Ritual To Envince The Subsurface Of Purity
  7. Aetherium Mors – Divine Order Without God
  8. Aetherium Mors – Souls Diseased By Faith


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