Infected Flesh – Glorify Bestial Quartering

Catalan/Spanish pioneers of the most insane Brutality, INFECTED FLESH, are back with its 4th studio album. Featuring former AVULSED drummer, Erik Raya, expect nothing but the fastest and heaviest and most Brutal release of the band up to date.

Track List:

  1. Phalloidic Spore Implants
  2. Critical Utterances of Those Sentenced
  3. Unearthed in the Permafrost
  4. Bonedust Dissemination
  5. Glorify Bestial Quartering
  6. Stratum Perditionis
  7. Hotspots of Conspicuous Vacuity
  8. Tattered
  9. Puritanical Slanderous Reprisal
  10. Ideographies of Unheard Transplants


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