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Infected Flesh – Concatenation Of Severe Infections

A Barrage of brutal death metal with grinding guitar work, blasting drums and utterly inhuman and guttural vocal work. Features drums by Seth Van Der Loo (Severe Torture, Centurian)

Track List:

  1. Gruesome Supply Chain of Nailed Human Pieces
  2. The Bunch (Congregation of Deadly Parasites)
  3. Concentric Circles of Disembowelment
  4. Erase the Rictus
  5. Lithographies of Recurrent Splatter
  6. Phossilized Between the Walls of a Post-Industrial Ziggurat
  7. Impudent Dissection of the Perfidious Idol
  8. Fermentation of Prosthetic Remains
  9. The Pragmatic Tearing
  10. Inoculation
  11. Aepoxifying Bacterial Capitals


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