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In Aeternum – Nuclear Armageddon

Reissue without skips that unfortunately was in some of the tracks on the original 2003 release. Extended tracklist, new artwork and layout. Lots of photos and linernotes by vocalist/guitarist David “Impious” Larsson explaining the chaotic period of recording and the story of the 2 rough live performances featured on the bonus disc. New cover art by Vladimir Vald.

2 CD digi-pack

CD 1 – Nuclear Armageddon

1. Prelude To Armageddon
2. Genocide
3. Whirlwinds Of Fire
4. The Final Doom
5. Ashes Of The Earth
6. Dawn Of Annihilation
7. Satanic Lust (Sarcófago cover)
8. Beast Of The Pentagram
9. Sin
10. Crucified… The Son Of A Whore
11. Attack, Kill, Destroy
12. Nuclear Armageddon
13. “Silent track”
14. “Silent track”
15. Tormentor (Kreator cover)

CD 2 – Live Armageddon

1. The Apocalypse Division
2. Reaper In Black
3. Wolves Blood
4. Revelation Of Hell
5. Of Unhallowed Blood
6. Ultimate Warfare
7. Hades (Bathory cover)
8. Majesty Of Fire
9. Sin
10. When The Vultures Left
11. The Apocalypse Division
12. Nuclear Armageddon
13. The Final Doom



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