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Ildfar – Som Vinden Farer Vil

The solo-project Ildfar plays Black Metal reminiscent of the 2nd wave Black Metal of the Norwegian mid 90s. Originally founded in 1994 by sole member Favn, the project was inactive for long periods of time and never officially released anything. Songs were written, material recorded, but it was only in 2018 that Favn decided to take the next step and started re-recording the old songs, some of which dating back to the mid and late 90s, for the debut album “Som vinden farer vil”. Hence, it is no surprise that listening to the album creates strong feelings of nostalgia in those of us who were around back then when Norwegian Black Metal was in its prime, and we at Northern Silence are glad to release another great album which is filled with the pure and raw underground spirit of that time. 

  1. Taakeheimen
  2. Under sorte vinger
  3. The last dawn
  4. Den gamle mannen hvisker mitt navn
  5. Som vinden farer vil
  6. Vandring
  7. Under the Graves (of 1994)
  8. Pesten
  9. Behold the throne
  10. Lyset i  skumringen
  11. Norges haller


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