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I Am The Night – While The Gods Are Sleeping


New band featuring Finnish metal scene legends opens an ancient chasm of Black Metal, born of an epic tradition. Rising from the deep valleys of Kymi in southernmost Finland, I Am The Night is Black Metal rooted in the classic early 90’s tradition, where walls of guitars and synthesizers raise the forces of darkness in a battle against the heavens and burning angels light up the night sky. The band’s debut full lenght album, with cover art by scene legend Necrolord, bears the title “While The Gods Are Sleeping” “Black metal art has been a continuous and serious pursuit in my personal life since my early teenage years”, explains guitarist Vanhala, and he continues; “In The Nightside Eclipse, Storm Of The Light’s Bane and De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas opened the gate to the dark side for me years ago, as can be heard from the music we make with I Am The Night.” A must have for fans of Dissection and Thulcandra!!!

  1. While The Gods Are Sleeping
  2. Hear Me O’ Unmaker
  3. Dawnbearer
  4. Ode To The Nightsky
  5. I Am The Night
  6. The Owl
  7. Among The Unseen Ones
  8. Holocaust Of The Angels