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Human Cull – Stillborn Nation

An unnatural stillness, but for the crumbling of brutalist tower blocks and croaking iron rods, roads strewn with rusted cars and bleached bones, a whispering wind battering the skeleton of civilisation with irradiated dust and ash, no organic matter just a blur of grey's and browns beyond the horizon. This is the future, this is the prophecy as foretold by Human Cull. Or in other words, 23 tracks of devastating grindcore that will smash your face in! For fans of Brutal Truth etc Track List: 1. Teeth For Revenge 2. The Sentence Is Death 3. Jackals 4. Bomb Gripper 5. Global Furnance 6. Stillborn Nation 7. Unwelcome Methods 8. Death Rituals 9. Superstitous Disease 10.Barely Homonid 11. Sick With Hate 12. Entombed By Progress 13. Point Of No Return 14. Grey Planet 15. Chemical Lobotomy 16. Obliterated 17. Free To Suffer 18. Apathy Advocate 19. You Can't Disappear 20. Anger Inferno 21. Unwilling Martyrs 22. Only Ashes 23. Echoing Silence


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