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Horrendous – Ontological Mysterium

With ‘Ontological Mysterium’, HORRENDOUS have built a towering death-metal thrill ride. The sheer size and scope of their new album is massive. Riffs twist and turn through labyrinthine arrangements, busting out into soaring melodic leads. Their fifth album ‘Ontological Mysterium’ captures the true spirit of the halcyon days of extreme metal. It sounds timeless but marks a bold step forward for this rising band.

1. The Blaze
2. Chrysopoeia (The Archaeology of Dawn)
3. Neon Leviathan
4. Aurora Neoterica
5. Preterition Hymn
6. Cult of Shaad’oah
7. Exeg(en)esis,
8. Ontological Mysterium
9. The Death Knell Ringeth


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