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Heretical – Daemonarchist

Savage and nihilistic black metal that sets a ruthless and relentless pace throughout. Incorporates synths to really add to the atmosphere! For fans of Infernal War, Marduk etc.

Track List:

  1. VICarIVS fILII DeI (Inductio)
  2. Averno Resvrrectvris
  3. Der Monarchristvs
  4. I Bleed Black
  5. Devastate E Liberate (Libro Primo)
  6. The Gift, Lemegeton
  7. Lvzifer Démasqvé
  8. Res Satanæ Creata
  9. Cvm Clave Diaboli
  10. Demonmetal
  11. Mediator Dei (Conclusio)



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