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Hellsword – Cold Is The Grave

Slovenia’s answer to the first wave of black metal, HELLSWORD’s goal has always been to exhume the most ancient blackened speed metal out of the crypt it had been unrightfully interred into. Formed in 2009, the band has developed a cult following after the release of their demo ”Blasphemy Unchained”. Drawing influence from early black metal pioneers such as Venom, Bathory, and Hellhammer as well as newer bands like Destroyer 666 and Nifelheim with an added touch of heavy metal, the trio comprised of Mark Massakre, Mike Manslaughter, and Ironfist now return with their first full-length album, “Cold Is The Grave” to be released via Emanzipation Productions. It builds upon the band’s previous work with nine tracks ranging from face-melting speed to slower paces and dealing with topics such as devil worship, the end of the world, death, desolation, mortality, and the absurdity of human existence.
The beginning of Hellsword can be traced back to 2009 and ever since, the Ljubljana trio comprising of Mark Massakre, Ironfist, and Mike Manslaughter has been dedicating themselves to the pursuit of bringing back the sound, feel, and atmosphere of the first wave of black metal. The band has, since its creation, released the now cult demo “Blasphemy Unchained” and the EP “Sounding the Seventh Bell” and has played numerous shows both in Slovenia and abroad.

For fans of: Venom, Bathory & Destroyer 666.

1. Cold is the Grave
2. Call of the Sepulchre
3. Satan, Death and Fear
4. Riders of Wrath
5. Cursed Blood
6. Unholy Reich
7. Baphomet’s Shrine
8. Chains of Mortality
9. Evil’s Rebirth


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