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Hellripper – Black Arts & Alchemy

From the depths of the cacophanous den of the Horned One, Hellripper storm out of the tomb with a barrage of speed, fury, venom, and blasphemy strong enough to bring the pious to their knees. Relentless in its attack and focused in its approach, Black Arts and Alchemy is a an exercise in Heavy Metal orthodoxy with enough extremity to make for an infectious cocktail of unrighteousness. The riffs are malicious, the rhythms are pounding, and the vocals are ripping with power and conviction. This release wastes no time beating you to a pulp, and before you can gather your wits enough to understand the might of The Beast, you are abandoned and left in the chambers of the master, a bloody wretched heap. Join in and lay your soul at the feet of the Alchemist.


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