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Slithering in the cauldron of the Icelandic black metal scene, HELFRÓ emerges with fury and competence rarely seen. Recorded with unforgiving precision and profound musicianship, their self-titled debut album is meant to channel the hopeless and empty feelings that have been concentrated from the frozen wastelands. Shrilling guitarwork and unforgiving blast beats weave together a soundscape that rarely leaves room for thought. It is an aural attack, seducing the listener to the barren and desolate black sands where the realization of futility and loneliness sets in heavier than anywhere else.

  1. Afeitrun
  2. Ávöxtur af rotnu tré
  3. Eldhjarta
  4. Þrátt fyrir brennandi vilja
  5. Þegn hinna stundlegu harma
  6. Hin forboðna alsæla
  7. Katrín
  8. Musteri agans


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