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Hecate Enthroned – Kings of Chaos

“Kings of Chaos” is the third studio album by British symphonic black metal pioneers Hecate Enthroned. With this album, Hecate Enthroned greatly tones down their previous symphonic black metal sonority and aesthetics, dropped the corpse paint used on the previous few albums and adopting a style more reminiscent of melodic blackened death metal, albeit still retaining the keyboards and dark black metal melodies of the older albums.

  1. Miasma
  2. Perjurer
  3. Deceiving The Deceiver
  4. Malignant Entity
  5. Blessing In Disguise
  6. I Am Born
  7. Exalted In Depravity
  8. Conquest Complete
  9. The Downfall
  10. Repent
  11. Witch Queen Ascending


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