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Gurthang – Hearts Of The Hollow

7th full-length album from the Polish black metallers ‘Gurthang’!

Gurthang have returned with their 7th studio album “Hearts of the Hollow”. 2 years after we’ve released their 6th album “Ascension”. Their newest output is much stronger and complicated, the general sound is still Filthy Black Metal combined with the right dose of Doom Metal. The guitars are filthy, destructive yet very clear, where the bass guitar is overwhelming powerful and delivers that extra crushing sound on top of the battle hammering drums of which the snare and kicks are so bright and well mixed and the vocals on this album are haunting and mesmerizing.

All in all, “Hearts of the Hollow” is a very strong album with a lot of variation that every Metal fan will surely enjoy, might they be into Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal or even Thrash Metal, there is enough going on which keeps the album very interesting.


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