Groza – The Redemptive End

As the world stands still, paralyzed and numb with fear, German black metal collective GROZA breaks the deafening silence to unveil their second full length album “The Redemptive End” – capturing the current times devastating atmosphere of utmost hopelessness and resignation.

Although the familiar rumble and chants of raw anger and despair continue to drone unabated on the successor, GROZA’s sound also explores new frontiers on the band’s latest album. For the first time, clean, even post-rock inspired passages shine deceptive rays of light through the dark, only to be devoured by searing melodies, drenched in sorrow and hopelessness and devastated by raging storms of blast beats, in the very next moments.

1. Sunken In Styx – Part I : Submersion
2. Sunken In Styx – Part II : Descent
3. Elegance Of Irony
4. The Redemptive End
5. Nil
6. Homewards