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Gronibard – Regarde les Hommes Sucer

For over twenty years, the foul French freaks in Gronibard have plied their trade in gross and gratuitous goregrind. With their outrageous new album ‘Regarde les Hommes Sucer,’ the perverts pump out their most flagrant violation of good taste to date. An orgy of nasty riffs, vile vocal discharges, and downright deviant behavior, it excites and delights with its staggering irreverence. ‘Regarde les Hommes Sucer’ is both indecent and obscene, and Gronibard doesn’t give a fukk! 

1. Fast Gays Of Humanity
2. L’Enfer des Zombites
3. Mon Siamois Maléfique
4. Lady Boy
5. Finger In Anus
6. Intermerde 1
7. Unholy Horses Of Evil
8. Sperm Smoker
9. J’ai été livré par DPD
10. Le Monstre des Zizis
11. To Ride, Shoot Sperm And Drink The Juice
12. Intermerde 2
13. Individual Thought Pâté
14. Sperm Holocaust
15. Regarde les Hommes Sucer
16. De Mysterfriize Pomme Bananas


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