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Gospelheim – Ritual & Repetition

GOSPELHEIM have conceived a wondrous beast with “Ritual & Repetition”: Its glittering skin is made from catchy dark rock melodies. Its bones are carved from solid gothic metal. Its forked tongue sings with both a beautiful female and a male voice. Its fiery eyes reflect deep melancholia, yet its sharp teeth bite hard without remorse. This young British band is astonishingly mature in their song-writing that seemingly without any effort manages to combine a plethora of influences and impress with their stylistic wingspan. Besides the obvious dark rock and gothic metal, GOSPELHEIM add a variety sonic flavours that even include blues rock, a knife-tip of Rush in the vocals, and other spicy ingredients that tickle the musical palate and please the ears. For all who have been eagerly hoping for a dark rock debut full-length that can match the glorious first record of BEASTMILK, here is an album that you might want to spin.

1. Hope Springs Infernal
2. Satan Blues
3. Lux Ephemera
4. Praise Be
5. Into Smithereens
6. Voyeuristic Schism
7. Valles Marineris
8. The Hall of the Unconsumed