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Gorefest – The Nuclear Blast Recordings [6CD Box]

Dutch death metal act Gorefest have been at the top of their game since their much lauded debut in 1991. They released six faultless albums through Nuclear Blast Records which Dissonance productions have rolled one Limited Edition CD box set for the first time! The albums included are "Mindloss" (1991), "False" (1992), "Erase" (1994), "Soul Survivor" (1996), "Chapter 13" (1998) and "Le Muerte" (2005). Leaders of Holland's death metal scene, Gorefest built a substantial underground following over the course of the '90s with a powerful, groove-based sound that often paralleled similar innovations by bands like Entombed and Sepultura. CD1 (Mindloss) 1.Intro 2.Mental Misery 3.Putrid Stench Of Human Remains 4.Foetal Carnage 5.Tangled In Gore 6.Confessions Of A Serial Killer 7.Horrors In A Retarded Mind 8.Loss Of Flesh 9.Decomposed 10.Gorefest CD2 (False) 1.The Glorious Dead 2.State Of Mind 3.Reality – When You Die 4.Get A Life 5.False 6.Second Face 7.Infamous Existence 8.From Ignorance To Oblivion 9.The Mass Insanity CD3 (Erase) 1.Low 2.Erase 3.I Walk My Way 4.Fear 5.Seeds Of Hate 6.Peace Of Paper 7.Goddess In Black 8.To Hell And Back CD4 (Soul Survivor) 1.Freedom 2.Forty Shades 3.River 4.Electric Poet 5.Soul Survivor 6.Blood Is Thick 7.Dog Day 8.Demon Seed 9.Chameleon 10.Dragon Man CD5 (Chapter 13) 1.Chapter 13 2.Broken Wing 3.Nothingness 4.Smile 5.The Idiot 6.Repentance 7.Bordello 8.F.S. 2000 9.All Is Well 10.Unsung 11.Burn Out 12.Super Reality 13.Serve The Masses CD6 (Le Muerte) 1.For The Masses 2.When The Dead Walk The Earth 3.You Could Make Me Kill 4.Malicious Intent 5.Rogue State 6.The Call 7.Of Death And Chaos 8.Man To Fall 9.Exorcism 10.Till Fingers Bleed 11.The New Gods 12.La Muerte  


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