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Gorefest – Mindloss

"Mindloss" is the first studio album by Dutch death metal legends Gorefest. Originally released in 1991 and now reissued on limited edition coloured vinyl courtesy of Back On Black Records. This album is brutal, uncompromising death metal that cannot be ignored in the bigger picture of death metal history. 2LP DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!! FANTASTIC 140 GRAM CLEAR WITH RED/BLACK SPLATTER VINYL. SIDE A 1.Intro 2.Metal Misery 3.Putrid Stench Of Human Remains 4.Foetal Carnage 5.Tangled In Gore SIDE B 6.Confessions Of A Serial Killer 7.Horrors In A Retarded Mind 8.Loss Of Flesh 9.Decomposed 10.Gorefest SIDE C 11.Decomposed 12.Putrid Stench Of Human Remains 13.Gorefest 14.Tangled In Gore SIDE D 15.Confessions Of A Serial Killer 16.Loss Of Flesh 17.Horrors In A Retarded Mind 18.Foetal Carnage  


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