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Goatmoon – What Once Was… Shall Be Again

By now, GOATMOON should require little introduction. One of the most notorious names in the still-thriving Finnish black metal scene, GOATMOON has been an uber-prolific force of iron will since the band’s creation in 2002, all guided by the monomaniacal hand of BlackGoat Gravedesecrator. but now arrives GOATMOON’s full-length return to black metal with What Once Was… Shall Be Again. As presaged by its title, there’s an undeniably yearning and nostalgic aspect to the band’s characteristically epic ruminations, occasionally/often dusted by folkloric synths.

1. Intro / Snakes Above, Dragon Below
2. Raging With The Lion’s Blood
3. Breastfed By Reptiles
4. Flying On Torn Angelwings
5. Rodent Throne
6. What Once Was…
7. Trinity
8. Protector Of The North


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