Gloosh – The River

The music of “Gloosh” is black metal of a classical form with interweaving of atmospheric roots. This is closer to the natural themes: it is nature in true guise, it is the order of things (change of seasons), it is a primeval admiration for the winds, clouds and thunderstorms; the absorption and destruction by nature of everything that man has ever created. This is a deep mossy forest. Gloosh invests in music ideas of animism and attitude to nature contrary to monotheism. There is a belief that there are innumerable non-anthropomorphic deities and creatures everywhere. This mini-album continues the theme of the “Timewheel” album and represents the concept of the Great River of Life – massive otherworldly stream, everlasting beginning and endlessly ending. For fans of Drudkh, Winterfylleth, Windswept etc…


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