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Funeral Storm – Arcane Mysteries

Featuring members from Hellenic scene legends Varathron, FUNERAL STORM deliver truly ancient – and truly authentic – Greek black metal in the most classic early ’90s style, full of mysticism and might.

1.Invocation of the Great Red Dragon 01:50
2.Ego Sum Filius Draconis 04:19
3.The Martyr of the Lake 05:44
4.Wandering through the abyss 03:42
5.Necromancer 05:37
6.Necromancer Part 2 05:54
7.Funeral Storm 04:53
8.Origin of Utter Evil 04:19
9.From the Great Deep of the Primordial Waters of Creation 02:22
10.10 Flowers of My Youth 03:24


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