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Fractured Insanity – Massive Human Failure

Fractured Insanity from Belgium are back with a new album and deliver death metal at its finest while exploring different kinds of metal styles! From blast beats to groove, grunts to screams, epic solos to aggressive riffing – “Massive Human Failure” has it all! Each song is about the failures of mankind: Being offended for no reason at all, nuclear weapons, war, and abuse, among others. The band comments: “For this album we were inspired by how we, as mankind, fuck up our own lives, other lives, the planet, including using religion as an excuse. With each album we try to express how we evolve as a person. Finding balance in live and balance in the music – that is the main goal. From recordings to final product, everything couldn’t be better. The Hertz Studios have outdone themselves and gave the album the sound we wanted!” Get ready for an album that’s very organic, brutal, clear and in-your-face!

1. Crusade Of The Offended
2. M.A.D.
3. Baphomet Bringer Of A Free Mind
4. Hell Of No Man’s Land
5. Massive Human Failure
6. Reflecting Of The Soul
7. Rothschild’s Disease
8. Panic Abuser
9. Rise All Above


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