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Foetal Juice – Gluttony

UK’s lords of extremity, FOETAL JUICE will be unleashing their sophomore album, ‘Gluttony’. Following up on their devastating 2016 album, Masters Of Absurdity, ‘Gluttony’ presents twelve new tracks of a blended Death, Grind, and Black Metal mix, while keeping true to the signature ‘Foetal Groove’.

  1. Take Your Face For A Shit
  2. Septic Mollusc
  3. Manifestation of Falsity
  4. Metamorphosis
  5. Venomous Domination
  6. Worthless Delusion
  7. Trepidation
  8. Nether Pandemonium
  9. Antagonistic Bastard
  10. Carnage
  11. Gluttony
  12. Spirit Leech


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