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Fleurety – Min Tid Skal Komme

Fleurety was considered a slight oddity to the rest of the Norwegian movement at the time of their inception in the 90s, for developing an altogether different style along with more dynamic musical influences and obscure & non-traditional riffing. Following on from the ‘Black Snow’ demo in 1993 & the ‘A Darker Shade of Evil’ 7” the following year, the band quickly refined their at times chaotic sound and presented their debut masterpiece to the world, in the shape of the full-length release, ‘Min Tid Skal Komme’; an exquisite and revered journey through dark and often introspective soundscapes.

Track List:

  1. Fragmenter Av En Fortid
  2. En Skikkelse I Horisonten
  3. Hvilelos?
  4. Englers Piler Har Ingen Brodd
  5. Fragmenter Av En Fremtid


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