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Faustian – Faustian

The album was created from a place of thought out and planned collaboration between the three of us. Musically we took our time and all tried to challenge ourselves to make a really brutal yet enticing ep. We took our time crafting our parts and riffs note for note to make something that is both cathartic and visceral in nature. The lyrical concept of the ep was to take you through the genesis of a spirit born out of some terrible event. To show you the collapse of a person’s humanity into the birth of an apparition. We tried to make each composition flow into the next one both musically and lyrically and succeeded in that regard.

Featuring members of Barghest and other South Louisiana stalwarts, newly formed trio Faustian create a unique style of blackened death metal that seamlessly shifts from razor sharp maelstrom to dirge like grime. The three piece meld violent urgency and claustrophobic atmosphere into a frenzied sonic catharsis.


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