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Extermination Dismemberment – Dehumanization Protocol

Minsk Death Metal overlords EXTERMINATION DISMEMBERMENT return with bombastic force.‘Dehumanisation Protocol’ is the long awaited 3rd album from Belarus’s heaviest. Since their 2009 beginnings, they have established themselves amongst most enigmatic bands on the Slam circuit today. Having forged a reputation as one of the most terrifying live acts out there today, ‘Dehumanizatioin Protocol’ is a future genre classic. Essential listening for fans of Devourment, Ingested and Slaughter to Prevail.

  1. God Help Us
  2. Dehumanization Protocol
  3. Terror Domination
  4. Protonemesis
  5. Plague In The Guise Of Flesh
  6. Omnivore
  7. Extermination Factory
  8. Agony Incarnate
  9. Humanity’s Last Grief
  10. Sentenced to Extinction
  11. Ruins of Armageddon 12. Corpsepit


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