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Exocrine – Legend

Continuing to push the boundaries of extremity and precision playing, Exocrine are the bridge between the ferocity of Archspire and Cryptopsy, and the potent progressive leanings of Obscura and Gorod. On their new album ‘Legend’, the band pushed even further to be more technical and faster, but paid attention to and increased level of epicness to their music. With this, Exocrine have created a more grandiose sound to their music. FFO: Archspire, Gorod, Fallujah.

1. Presage + Legend
2. Life
3. Eidolon
4. The Altar Of War
5. Dust In The Naught
6. Warlock
7. Dragon
8. The Oath
9. By The Light Of The Pyre
10. *Cryogenisation – Bonus track


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