Eternal Valley – Kingdom of Misery

Eternal Valley, a solo-project from the Pacific Northwest, USA, started off with a traditional Black Metal sound and eventually evolved into an atmospheric, emotionally driven sound, also incorporating elements of hardcore, doom metal and shoegaze. Eternal Valley’s songs feature massive drums under a wave of dark synth, buried in a wall of heavy distortion, then layered with an array of deafening vocals. Lyrical themes include: Darkness, Despair, Misanthropy, Nothingness, Space, Time, Depression, Suicide. In the artist’s own words, Eternal Valley’s latest album ‘Kingdom of Misery’ is a reflection of the world we live in today. A world drowning in fear, agony, suffering and decay. A society imprisoned by the deception of their own minds. Consumed by the falseness of one’s own egotistical agenda. We watch hopelessly as our planet deteriorates before our eyes.

1. Morose II
2. This Endless Night
3. Kingdom Of Misery
4. Hour Of Agony
5. When The Skies Collapse
5. I Never Wanted
6. Alone


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