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Esophageal – Craving Delusions

International Brutal Death Metal from Spain, Italy and Russia. “Craving Delusions” is the debut studio album with 10 tracks. The lineup on this album features guitarist Oscar Ortega (also in TOMB, MOLECULAR FRAGMENTATION, FIXATION ON SUFFERING, SCATOLOGY SECRETION, UNETHICAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTS, STRAPPADO), bassist Jorge Salgado (also in VIRULENCY, STRAPPADO, TOMB, FIXATION ON SUFFERING, MDMA), singer Paolo Chiti (also in FIXATION ON SUFFERING, INTERMINABLE CORRUPTIONS, DEVANGELIC, ex-PUTRIDITY) and drummer Roman Tyutin (ex-LETHALITY). Cover artwork by Paolo Girardi, an Italian graphic artist who has also done album art for DECAYING PURITY, OBSCENITY, EMBODIED TORMENT, ARTIFICIAL BRAIN and many other bands.


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