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Eskhaton – Horracle

ESKHATON is CYCLONIC DEATH METAL: absolute chaos and total death – psychotic, bestial, raw blistering ferocity and horror atmosphere – from Melbourne, Australia. ESKHATON means Total Death: the end of all things and time. Decaying occultism and tortured extremity coalesce into a hammering whirlwind that showcases ESKHATON’s most diverse songwriting, spanning both their fastest and slowest tracks. Chaos and epic evil are still at the forefront of their attack, but the band’s exceptional tightness – even when tempting those very corners of chaos – is a demonic delight to experience. That they take such serpentine material, impossibly murky and already palpitating at the very core, and deliver it with a katana-sharp clarity is even more demonic. Thus, Horracle is truly titled.


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