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Enthroned – Towards The Skullthrone / Regie Sathanas

**PRE-ORDER RELEASED 02.07.21** Second album by the Belgian black metal band Enthroned ‘Towards the Skullthrone of Satan’plus EP Regie Sathanas (A Tribute To Cernunnos). In April 1997, as Enthroned was to begin recording Towards the Skullthrone of Satan, Cernunnos committed suicide, he was just 25 years old, Regie Sathanas was created as a tribute to him. Limited edition on clear vinyl with white, red and brown splatter!

1. Satan’s Realm (Intro)
2. The Ultimate Horde Fights
3. Ha Shaitan
4. Evil Church
5. The Antichrist Summons The Black Flame

6. The Forest Of Nathrath
7. Dusk Of Forgotten Darkness
8. Throne To Purgatory
9. When Horny Flames Begin To Rise
10. Hertogenwald
11. Final Armageddon (Epilogue)

12. Prelude To Satan’s Avengers
13. By Dark Glorious Thoughts
14. Walpurgis Night

15. Satan Never Sleeps
16. The Conqueror
17. Deny The Holy Book Of Lies


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