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Enthroned – The Blackend Years

ENTHRONED - THE BLACKEND YEARS The four classic albums Enthroned released through legendary metal label Blackend are now finally available again through Dissonance Recordings all rolled into one package! The albums featured are "Prophecies Of Pagan Fire" 1995, "Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan/Regie Sathanas" 1997/98, "The Apocalypse Manifesto" 1999 and "Armoured Bestial Hell" 2001.  CD1 (Prophecies Of Pagan Fire) 1.Prophecies Of Pagan Fire 2.Deny The Holy Book Of Lies 3.Under The Holocaust 4.Scared By Darkwinds 5.Tales From A Blackened Horde 6.At Dawn Of A Funeral Winter 7.Rites Of The Northern Fullmoon 8.Skjeldenland 9.At The Sound Of Millennium Black Bells 10.…As The Wolves Howl Again CD2 (Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan/Regie Sathanas) 1.Satan’s 2.The Ultimate Horde Fights 3.Ha Shaitan 4.Evil Church 5.The Antichrist Summons The Black Flame 6.The Forest Of Nathrath 7.Dusk Of Forgotten Darkness 8.Throne To Purgatory 9.When Horny Flames Begin To Rise 10.Hertogenwald 11.Final Armageddon (Epilogue) 12.Prelude To Satan’s Avengers 13.By Dark Glorious Thoughts 14.Walpurgis Night 15.Satan Never Sleeps 16.The Conqueror 17.Deny The Holy Book Of Lies 18.Outro CD3 (The Apocalypse Manifesto) 1.Whisperings Of Terror (Intro) 2.The Apocalypse Manifesto 3.Death Faceless Chaos 4.Retribution Of Holy Trinity 5.Genocide (Concerto No.35 For Razors) 6.Volkermord, Der Antigott 7.Alastor Rex Perpetuus Doloris 8.The Scourge Of God CD4  (Armoured Bestial Hell) 1.Humanicide 666 (Intro) 2.Wrapped In Fire 3.Armoured Bestial Hell 4.Enslavement Revealed 5.Spells From The Underworlds 6.Spheres Of Damnation 7.The Face Of Death 8.When Hell Freezes Over 9.Premature Satanicremation 10.Terminate Annihilation 11.Outro  


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