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Enchantment – Cold Soul Embrace

In 2019 Cosmic Key Creations issued the long overdue vinyl version of the 1994 ‘Dance The Marble Naked ‘ album by U.K. cult doomsters ENCHANTMENT. This was soon to be followed in 2020 with the reissue of the album on both CD and cassette  format by Transcending Records. The renewed interest inspired the band to regroup and to set about finishing their 2nd album that was already written and composed back in 1994/5(!) but never made it to the recording stage. The band dug up the old rehearsal tapes and finished the album 25 years after the initial process. This is the album that was meant to follow up from their debut and the songs are therefore an exciting time capsule that will take you back to the heyday of the U.K.’s Death/Doom Metal scene of the early nineties.