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Ellende – Lebensnehmer

Lebensnehmer vividly displays all the sturm und drang of the trademark Ellende sound, now more breathtaking than ever. Taking a more adventurous approach to dynamics as well as exhibiting a clarity of focus previously untouched, Lebensnehmer moves like a literal emotional rollercoaster – hitting the highest of highs, and especially the lowest of lows – spellbinding the listener at every skyscraping turn. As ever, the stirring melodicism of L.G. takes center stage, weaving emotive ecstasy even while a torrent of blastbeats from P.F. booms all around here. Elsewhere, suitably splendorous atmosphere is evoked through frequent stretched-out instrumental passages, allowing both drama and tension to wage war within the listener’s heart and head.

  1. Intro
  2. Augenblick
  3. Die Wege
  4. Ein Stück Verzweiflung
  5. Der Blick wird leer
  6. Liebkosung des Eiswinds
  7. Du wärst eine schöne Leiche
  8. Die Welt brennt und ich lieg hier nur


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