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Doedsvangr – Serpents Ov Old

DOEDSVANGR storm back into the fray with second album “Serpents Ov Old”, a swaggering, hedonistic blaze of hard-rocking fuck-the-world malevolence!

Consisting of vocalist Doedsadmiral (NORDJEVEL), guitarist/bassist Shatraug (SARGEIST), guitarist BST (THE ORDER OF APOLLYON) and drummer AntiChristian (ex-TSJUDER), the band honour their pedigree with an anthemic blend of classic Norwegian and Finnish Black Metal savagery.

Empowered by a production-job which aligns top-tier playing with a sense of wild abandon, and garnished with a depraved lyrical brew of demonic awakenings, mass annihilations, ritualism and Satanic decadence, “Serpents Ov Old” is a set of perversely melodic, fist-bangingly misanthropic tunes for revelling and retaliation.

Recommended if you like: MAYHEM, URGEHAL, GORGOROTH…

1. Serpents Ov Old
2. As The Rivers Bleed Their Blessings
3. Flagelist
4. Imperialis
5. White Finger
6. Black Dragon Phoenix
7. Carrier Of Heads
8. The Salt Marsh
9. Poisonous Tides
10. Pile Driver (Bonus Track)


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