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Dismember – Indecent And Obscene

The band formed in Stockholm in 1988. After a hiatus, during which several members joined Carnage, the band began recording in earnest in 1991 and released their debut, Like an Ever Flowing Stream in 1991. The album became an early example of Scandinavian death metal and established the band’s fanbase. The song “Skin Her Alive” prompted an obscenity charge in the United Kingdom, against which the band successfully defended themselves. In 1993 Dismember released Indecent & Obscene, their most successful album ever, which featured their most famous theme: “Dreaming in Red” shown frequently in MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball.

1. Fleshless 2:57
2. Skinfather 3:50
3. Sorrowfilled 4:08
4. Case# Obscene 3:38
5. Souldevourer 3:39
Total side length – 18:12

6. Reborn In Blasphemy 4:49
7. Eviscerated (Bitch) 2:20
8. 9th Circle 4:34
9. Dreaming In Red 5:17
Total side length – 17:00


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