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Disgorge – Parallels Of Infinite Torture

Re-issue of the fourth album from ultra-brutal US death metal act Disgorge. Originally released in 2005, the album ‘Parallels Of Infinite Torture’ has long been considered an essential example of the underground scene in the US in the early Noughties.

1. Revealed In Obscurity
2. Enthroned Abominations
3. Atonement
4. Abhorrent Desecration of Thee Iniquity
5. Forgotten Scriptures
6. Descending Upon Convulsive Devourment
7. Condemned To Sufferance
8. Parallels Of Infinite Torture
9. Asphyxiation Of Thee Oppressed
10. Ominous Sigils Of Ungodly Ruin


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