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Disavowed – Revocation of the Fallen

Disavowed brings you "Revocation of the Fallen" to fulfill your thirst in complexity, ultimate sharp riffage, and powerful blast-beat intensity. The captivating elements of the two previous albums served as a foundation for the current album. Monstrous vocals and complex chromatic riffage are merged with over-the-top drumming by Septimiu. The Kohlekeller production creates a dissonant feeling in other-world brutality of the fallen kingdom that has finally been revoked! Track-listing: 1 - The Process of Comprehension 2 - The Enlightened One 3 - Revocation of the Fallen 4 - Imposed Afterlife 5 - Deformed Construct 6 - Therapeutic Dissonance 7 - Defractured in Contemplation 8 - Egocentric Entity 9 - The Inevitable Outcome 10 - Facing the Singularity


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