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Dickless Tracy – Paroxysm Of Disgust

Paroxysm Of Disgust is the fourth album from death metal band Dickless Tracy (Brežice, Slovenia). This album is following a dark path that walked its predecessor Halls Of Sickness in 2009. Raw, dark and morbid death metal album consisting of 11 songs (one of them is cover of the cult American band Impetigo) represents the current mental state of the band as they decided to bring their vision of extreme musical expression even further. For fans of Embalming Theater etc

1. Revenants
2. Anathema (Possessed By Christ)
3. Through The Maze Of Lust
4. Reincremation
5. Ever Haunting Presence
6. Beautiful Yet Deformed
7. Realm Of Fools
8. Virus
9. Boneyard
10. The New Domination
11. Tomb Of Doom


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