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Destroying The Devoid – Paramnesia

Across 46 minutes of music, Destroying The Devoid’s “Paramnesia” from start to finish takes the listener through a dark exploration of the human mind. The album portrays a visual representation of how an individual’s personality and perception of the world are molded and controlled by their relationships and experiences. Through repeated interactions, once unique strangers gradually morph into fragmented pieces of one another, now completely interspersed. This is essentially paramnesia, the inability to distinguish between fact and fiction. Society is constantly plagued by a world telling them what it is to be beautiful, successful and what they essentially need to “be happy” while taking advantage of the weak for their own selfish benefit. “Paramnesia” while not a concept album plays off of different themes related to perception and how we are affected by the world around us. The 3 part song  “Beyond The Dark Veil” also deals with the emotional effect of death from 3 different perspectives.
These songs are dark, aggressive and very thematic. While at the music’s core has a very progressive death metal sound. The songs flow in and out of many stylistic changes. Ranging from blackened death metal to more melancholic and ethereal passages, not to forget some very intense instrumental sections that will leave your head spinning and wanting to hear more.

1. Chasm Of Existence
2. The Endless Cycles Of Lunacy
3. Carnivale Nocturno
4. Paramnesia
5. Beyond The Dark Veil Part I: The Co-Existing Gaze
6. BTDV Part II: Into The Darkness Beyond
7. BTDV Part III: Beneath The Boughs


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