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Desolator – Sermon Of Apathy

The embers of Swedish death metal are stoked white hot on Sermon of Apathy, the sophomore release of the arisen beast known as Desolator. Though the Stockholm influence so prevalent on earlier releases by the band is now but one ingredient in the burly concoction presented here, the band still remains rooted in that sound of their forefathers. Adding hearty helpings of dissonant and creative riffing influenced by the likes of Immolation and Morbid Angel, the quartet up the ante on nasty. Sermon of Apathy is a fully evolved death metal monster, with creative drumming, thunderous bass, vicious, yet melodic riffs, and obliterating growls of rage. The full package is even greater than this suggests though, as Desolator have achieved a totally mastery of composition and pitch perfect production.


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