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Deranged – Deeds Of Ruthless Violence

**PRE-ORDER RELEASED 27.03.20** "Deeds Of Ruthless Violence", the new album, is best described by drummer and mastermind Rikard Wermén, who's been in charge of the steering wheel for nearly thirty years: "It’s death metal like it was meant to be. No gimmicks, no costumes, no stage show, no make-up, no bullshit. Just straight up ruthless metal the violent and intense way". Formats: CD | Limited Slipcase CD + Sticker 1. Necro-bulimia interfering afterlife 2. Engulfed by hate I stab to kill 3. Level of lividity 4. Carnal provision for the rotten masses 5. Through stages of putrefaction 6. Carried in pain, released by torture 7. Quarantine required for living entities 8. I send you half the kidney I took