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Demoncy – Diabolica Blasphemiae

With Diabolica Blasphemiae, DEMONCY’s first new recording in nearly a decade. With Ixithra currently handling vocals and bass, joining him here are the incredibly prolific VJS (Nightbringer, Sargeist, Adaestuo) on guitar and Vorthrus (Cerebral Rot, Crurifragium) on drums. Serpentine in its flow and mesmerizing in its effect, DEMONCY’s latest mini-album is a vile, virile display of the band’s eternal aesthetic, sounding very much like it could’ve come out during the mid ’90s yet retaining a freshness of approach that defies deja vu. Gutted in its low-end throb whilst exhibiting an ethereal aspect, Diabolica Blasphemiae explores above as it is below, sending forth sine waves of obsidian energy both punishing and pleasurable: primeval black metal magick harnessed with a true auteur’s touch. Same as it ever was, then, but still so surprising after all these years – there is only one DEMONCY.


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