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Demilich – Nespithe

Demilich was like finding a submerged city, or discovering a new path through the mountains, or even confronting a glowering enemy on the open plain. It brought risk, uncertainty, ambiguity and a sense of sublime beauty back to death metal, pulling it away from the slump in which it treated itself as a hammer and every listener as a nail.

  • Blue Vinyl Edition
  1. When The Sun Drank The Weight Of Water
  2. And You’ll Remain… (In Pieces Of Nothingness)
  3. The Sixteenth Six-Tooth Son Of Fourteen Four-Regional Dimensions (Still Unnamed)
  4. Erecshyrinol
  5. The Planet That Once Used To Absorb Flesh In Order To Achieve Divinity And Immortality (Suffocate…)
  6. Inherited Rowel Levitation – Reduced Without Any Effort
  7. The Echo (Replacement)
  8. The Cry
  9. The Putrefying Road In The Ninteenth Extremity (…Somewhere Inside The Bowels Of Endlessness…)
  10. Raped Embalmed Beauty Sleep
  11. (Within) The Chamber Of Whispering Eyes


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