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Decayed / Excruciate666 – Lusitanian & Gallic Black Terror

Cult Old School Black Metal from Portugal vs Furious War Black Metal from France. Intro + 6 Tracks for DECAYED (with RAMONES Cover) and 6 Tracks from EXCRUCIATE 666 (with IMPALED NAZARENE Cover)

Track List:


  1. Nocturna Animas (Intro)
  2. Death From Below
  3. Rebreed Artemis
  4. From Hell They Rise Pt.II
  5. Trilogy: Martelo Do Inferno
  6. Blitzkrieg War (Ramones Cover)
  7. Astharoth Karnaim


  1. Thunder Of The Black Skies
  2. Sons Of Warfare
  3. Iron Blood Ashes
  4. Furious Thrashing Rage
  5. Medieval War
  6. Ghetto Blaster (Impaled Nazarene Cover)



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